Career Counseling

Remedy is your career counseling resource.

Supercharge your résumé and cover letter, master the art of the successful job interview, maximize your job skills, and create a personal action plan to achieve career goals.  Take advantage of these valuable career coaching tips:

Your résumé Your résumé is the first representation of you and your work seen by a prospective employer.  Here’s how to make your first impression a great one.
Your cover letter How to write an effective cover letter that will create enough interest to warrant closer examination of the résumé.
Your interview Understand the typical interview format and be as prepared as possible for questions you may be asked.
Free software training We offer free Knowledge Bank software training to help you improve your skills. Contact Remedy Staffing at 520-745-9696 for more information.


Career Coaching Guide

When it comes to getting a job you have to ace your resume, cover letter, and interview.  This PDF shows you how to most effectively market yourself.

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